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Manager - Marv Topp
Tel: 507-327-3496  |
Amy Kuch:   507-382-3974  |
Marv Topp:  507-327-3496  |

With a voice, powerful and pure, Amy Manette reaches down deep inside and sings with a passion that will stir your soul.  Billboard published Pianist Ed (Doc Merlot) Thorpe accompanies Amy, playing piano and pop organ in his unique, bass intense style, with a sound that is almost impossible to believe it is coming from one instrument.  The young Dustin Voges is a rising star on Jazz Trumpet. Having studied and schooled extensively, Dustin knows just where to harmonize and fill, making extensive use of his Harmon mute.  Drummer Marvin Topp, provides rhythms that mix Jazz, Big Band, Funk and Latin in the perfect way to have you moving to the groove.


Amy Manette - A perfect treasure of rhythmic melodies that will incite your soul, with powerful, earthy grooves to excite your soles.