Amy Manette features Amy Manette (pronounced "Ma-nay") on lead vocals, Ed Thorpe on the keyboard, and Marv Topp on drums and vocals.

Amy Kuch, Ed Thorpe, & Marv Topp

Amy Manette has an amazing dynamic range unmatched by most singers. She has a powerful, soulful voice but can also sing with great tenderness. Her previous acting experiences have helped to develop her powerful singing voice.  Amy has performed in the MN Fringe Festival, MN Shorts Play Festival, Merely Players Community Theatre, Merely Murder Mysteries, and has done commercial and television modeling in Minneapolis.  She is employed as the National Sales Manager at All American Foods.

Ed (Doc) Thorpe hails from St. Paul Minnesota and has been playing jazz and pop organ and piano for over 50 years. Doc wrote and recorded his first tunes when he was 17 and his songs made Billboard. Doc was awarded a college scholarship to Berkley School Of Music in Boston. He worked his way through school gigging in the evenings. Doc has backed up every act from Greek Belly Dancers to Al Jarreau, Sherwin Linton, Buddy Holly, The Platters, Sonny Bryant, LeRoy Van Dyke, and many more.

Marvin Topp is Amy's percussionist and sings. Marv also works with pianist Ed (Doc)Thorpe doing duo Jazz work. Marv has worked with the Mary Guentzel Jazz Quintet, Cedar Paddle Folk Band, Echos Big Band, Sonny Bryant, The Jim Lawrence Orchestra, The Platters, The Moon Lighters Dance Band, The Schell's Hobo Band and sat in with others.