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A Dynamic Jazz Mix

Amy Manette Band - Jazz and Blues
Feelin GoodAmy Manette
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SummertimeAmy Manette
00:00 / 02:55
Wicked GameAmy Manette
00:00 / 04:21
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With a voice powerful and pure, Amy Manette reaches deep and sings with a passion that will stir your soul. Amy's voice is reminiscent of Etta James and Beth Hart. 

Jazz guitarist, Brad Holmberg, superbly approaches melodies and soars with his tasteful and smooth, jazz solos.

Jazz pianist Andrew McNamara provides fills and harmonies that blend with and enhance the sound. Andrew's piano solos soar.

Upright/electric bassist, David Urness, provides the utmost innovation with his bass lines and melodies. His sophisticated and intricate solos are unmatched.


Drummer, Marvin Topp, provides tasteful rhythms that mix elements of Jazz, Big Band, Funk, and Latin.

      Amy Manette - A Perfect Treasure of Dynamic Jazz.



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